Data Tables

I am about to embark on the implementation of a reporting product that sits on top of Dynamics AX (latest version). The reporting product enables a drill facility back to the underlying GL (Dynamics AX). Could someone give me an idea of what table(s) hold the transactional data and what information is held there? Does Dynamics AX have balance tables and if so how do they interact with the transactional tables?

Hello, You are talking about literally hundreds of tables. But there is a way in which you can find this info yourself. If you are using Ax 3.0 you can use Visual MorphXplorer to find the relationship details. If you are using Ax 4.0, you can try using reverse engineering tool. The reverse engineering tool in Ax 4.0 supercedes Visual MorphXplorer in Ax 3.0.

A suggestion - you might want to try checking the standard cube that Ax comes up with.