Data sets in EP Development


I created a data set which consists of 5 tables and with Idx and jointype ‘Delayed’…I have two issues here i.e.,

1.When create a website using VS08 and placing a datasource in it and setting a datasetname as my dataset

when i select the datasetname it is giving an error…Table ‘My table’ does not contain an index with id '65535

2.I deleted the table which doesn’t have an index and again select my datasetname and again it is giving me error…Enterprise portal framework does not support ‘Delayed’ jointype…

Please guys help me to in this issues so i can develop an working ep web control…

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Hi Hari,

  1. As you already saw, the tables you use in a dataset for EP must have an index set. This is a development constraint, but actually having a index set should be a best practice in most cases, so … When you don’t want to define your own index, you can always activate and use the RecID index (this is what the message you got was telling you).

  2. As for the delayed join type, this is not used in EP. The basic explanation is that it doesn’t have how to work (the delay between showing one set of records and then the second joined one) as it does in the client - because the page is displayed at once; you can use the active join type to replace it .

Please let me know it this helps.


Hi lulian,

Thanks for your reply it helped me a lot to learn Enterprise portal development…I hpoe in this way i need your in further.

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