Data replication with LS retail DD

we got a problem with our datareplication with LS Retail Datadirector, I hope somebody her can help!!!

we are running sql nav 4.00 sp2 with NAS on HQ and multiple locale stores with 4.0 native database on DD.
We replicat data during night and when action.We have upgraded LS DD from V 2_13 to V 2_23. we are using pluscfront 2_13.
All the right DLL files and fin.stx are in the right folder.
We have contact on the distribusjon card with DD.

Still we got a Error on the LS scheduler when we try to call the job from scheduler.
Error message as follow, “The client and the automation server are of different versions”

I have learned alot of this forum by searching and I realy hope somebody have seen this before.

It sounds like you have the right .dll files in place but your obejcts are referring to older verisions of the automation server (or vice versa).

Recomplie the data distribtution object.

Thanks for reply.

We have compiled the objekt, but still the error code.

We have rolled back too the version datadirector 2.13.