Data not validating during import the data

Hi All,

I am importing the data through AX 2009 Data wizard - Import / Export . I have import few customer master records with customer group .

The issue is i have not created few customer group in the customer group table , but i have assigned in the Excel sheet and imported .

My question Import wizard is not validating the data during import data from the excel sheet.

Please explain what is the problem in AX 2009.

Pretty sure there are times it does not, but if the definition gruop is custom there is a validation level on the table setup that you can set to field.

The failures of the import and export tool for data migration is why partners wrote scripts to handle the data migration - basically it is not an appropriate tool in certain circumstances.

Can you please explain about the custom validation , how to configure ? Is it done by Functional consultant or developer ?

Can you share your experience about the certain circumstances ?

My experience is not to use this tool for data migration. It is unreliable and flaky.

I do not know about custom validation - the validation is on the TYPE of definition gruop Custom. Depends how you are creating your definition group.

Hi Ameen,

Just sharing my experience briefly.

I never use definition groups for data migration purposes. Instead

  • I write my own scripts using AIF for data migration. One advantage using AIF is - the framework will take care of all underlying data validations. All that requires to be done is to pass the necessary parameters.

  • Of course in versions before AX 2012, it is possible to directly insert data into tables by X++.

Irrespective of whichever path we choose (from the two options above) it is a developers job.