Data Migration?

Can anyone tell me if it’s possible and or show me how to import an electronic file from a supplier into NAV 2009? I have a monthly bill from one of our suplliers that contains various Job Numbers and transaction data - sometimes 100’s of rows. I would like to import the data into NAV 2009 so that it goes to the correct GL, Job etc. I can’t seem to find any help on the Data Migration tool in NAV 2009 and don’t know if this is the right approach. Can anyone direct me? Is this even possible?

You should get in touch with your NAV partner. This sounds more complicated than something an end user should do on their own, or even with the support of people on the forums. Your NAV Partner will be able to quote out the time / cost it will take to build the Dataport or XMLPort to import the data.

Thanks Matt, but I love complicated!!. I am told that this is pssible through the data migration tool?

It could be, but my answer still stands. There is a lot to consider when importing financial information, even if it is just into a journal. Things like did you validate the data in the code (which I don’t know if you can do with the tool) so that the appropriate fields get filled in (like how description gets filled in when you select the item number on a sales line). Did you import the fields in the right order?

I appreciate that you want to do it yourself, but I would recommend talking to your NAV Partner and getting training while they do it. That way you can learn from them and hopefully start to do these types of things yourself in the future. I guarantee it will cost your company less money than you trying to figure it out on your own…and you will get more out of it.

Perhaps someone else who is more familiar with the Migration Tool can provide more answers, but it sounds like your case is fairly complex (some lines go to a G/L, some lines go to Jobs, etc) and not a right fit for the tool. Good luck, whatever path you choose.

Thanks Matt, I do agree with everything you have said. Appreciate your time.

Hi Mike,

We have data conversion tool that allows import and process data from any ODBC database or flat files.

We have pakaged conversions for some widely used systems - like QuickBooks, PeachTree, MAS…

You can find more details here: