Data migration tool for Dynamics AX 2012


I am planing my data migration. I am working with Ax 2012. My plan is: I will give excel templates to the client, User will fill the templates and I will then import it into the system.

Now, the problem is, in Ax 2009, it was worked well. it automatically took all master and relational tables. in Ax 2012, I have to generate blank templates throgh office adins. When I generate this templates, it does not include the related master table. (For example, the template of vender table does not include the currency table automatically.)

Can any one please help, how it works? How the related data will be inserted an in which sequance for Ax 2012.




Please note that it will be very difficult to migrate data into AX 2012 using office add-ins. Also it is almost impossible to migrate using definition groups.

At my customer site, I have written migration tools in AX 2012. Basically it reads CSV files and import data into AX 2012 using AIF framework.

Can you share that tool? Is it free?


Unfortunately I can’t share this tool yet.

Alternatively if you are a partner, please speak to your local contact. MS have developed a data migration tool which is currently in alpha version. Your contact may be able to provide this tool. If you have difficulty getting this tool, drop me your email address and I will forward this to you.

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Please share it @

Please also drop some lines about, how it works and steps to be performed.



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Just sent you latest version of data import tool for DAX 2012.


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Please Kindly Share this tool With me @

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I have sent you the tool.

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