Data Migration - purchase agreements

Hello guys!

I am currently into data migration using the DMF tool. i have successfully migrated transaction data like invoice journal, inventory journal etc. using the DMF tool. But i am unable to import transaction data for purchase agreements. i tried to create a custom entity for the import but got the attached error. DMF does not support tables with inheritance.

Please help me out with this issue. I am a newbie to x++ coding so any help with import using code is also appreciated.

Note: we dropped the import using AIF as its not advisable for large data imports where performance is concerned.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Ashwin,

Importing trade agreements using bespoke code is relatively straight forward. See this helps -

And fyi - not sure what is the volume in your case. But in the past I have written bespoke code using AIF classes for data migration and have not noticed any performance issue.

Hi Harish,

Any way you could help me write the bespoke code? Am a newbie to dynamics AX and would really appreciate any help regarding x++. I checked the blog you suggested. To my understanding, they created a tool similar to DMF that imports trade agreements according to their requirement. please correct me if am wrong. Any reference to writing the code is appreciated!

Thanks in advance!