data migration in ax server

dear all,

i’m working on ax project now. i want to move all databases from existing server to a new server. I tried to move the mdf file(using attach database option in sql server), but not all data is moved after ax compile and synchronize the table. after that i restore the database with a .bak file from the old server, but it gives error code 100.

is there any solutions?

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Have you tried using front end migration?

well…actually i haven’t heard about front-end migration…is there any document or reference that can show me how to do that?



Have you started dependency services like Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator and SQl server.

Arun Garg

Hi Arun…

Both of them are already started…but it still gives the 100 error code…

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You haven’t told us what exactly are the issues that you are facing. So what issues do you face when you move data? Also what data are you looking to move?

Remember that whenever you move DAX database from one environment to another, the underlying DAX code base (such as layer, label files etc) has to be identical.

If you are just looking to move master data, one option is to use AX standard functionality to export and import.