Data Migration from AX 4 to AX 2012

Hi All,

Can anyone share some blogs which gives knowledge about data migration in AX4 to AX2012 R3? I do not have any experience in data migration AX4. Thanks in Advance for the time!

With a quick search i found these,…/dd362002.aspx…/dn168971.aspx…/

Thanks Kranthi. Can you please share some details on steps on how to export data from AX2012 R3 ? I am not able to get to export data. Please help me.

Why do you want to export data from AX 2012 R3 in this scenarion?

this is part of a study for the customers. As i am not experienced in the migration. I would like to first how to export data from Ax 2012 R3. BTW your links were actually helpful on AX4.

You can use DIXF (…/jj225591.aspx)).

the page does not exist!

Sorry, use…/jj225591.aspx

I have this error when i try to export:

Step 1: In the processing group i create a group name customer , go to entities → Select new to create a entity for customer and source data format as excel

step2 : i generate a source file with columns and save that file.

step 3: in the sample file path in the processing group, i establish to the source file i created and save it.

Step 4: when i try to generate source mapping i get the following

where i have gone wrong.