Data Migration Framework error

Hi Guys,

I am new in Data Migration in AX2012. I installed it, and tried some tutorials found in the internet. I created processing group, and selected the Preview Source file on Select entities for processing group. However, I encounter an error saying : 'Create Table permission denied in database ‘tempdb’. How can i fix it?



I am running into the same issue.

Basically, I’m trying to preview the source file for a source Customer entity that I mapped to AX CustTable fields.

It seems as if the Data Migration Framework, or some DMF related process, is trying to create a temporary table (or maybe multiple temporary tables) to view/display some of the source data. Is there a special account that the DMF runs under? Maybe this account needs to have some elevated SQL Server permissions to be able to access tempdb in SQL Server. Not sure BUT right now I’m grasping at straws trying to figure out what I need to do to get past this error.

Depending upon how AX was setup/configured, I think the AX client is supposed to run under the Business Connector Proxy account credentials. I’m wondering if this account needs some elevated permissions in the SQL Server database.

Let me do some checking into this avenue BUT in the meanwhile…

If you find an answer OR figure out how to troubleshoot, please keep me posted. Thanks!


I have done this correctly once but actually i forgot what i did… But u guys need to be aware of this. Once this DMF is installed, U cannot see your Retail Module in front end.

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I think that you just need to grant whatever-account-you’re-running-AX-under CREATE permissions in the SQL Server TempDB database. Once I did this, I was able to get past that particular error HOWEVER now I am running into an error that is specific to the DMF.

The error seems to happen when attempting to parse the SOURCE file of tab-delimited Customer data. The error returned in the InfoLog dialog, looks like an Error Code: 1073450841, FULLDATA[129]…; errorText includes several XML tags that look like various Source fields are trying to be casted/converted based on an ISNULL function test.

There are a number of data fields from Source that are not being used, currently, for the import. I thought that as long as they are not mapped to a Target field that they couldn’t cause a problem in the Data Import. I might have been wrong about that BECAUSE all of the source fields being displayed in the error message REFER to those Source fields that I have not mapped over to Target fields.

These errors surface when I am trying to Preview Source File after completing the mapping of Source fields to Target fields.

Thought someone may have run into this problem already and found a resolution. If so, please respond and keep me posted.

DMF is still in Beta, even if it is release 2. I beleive this is a known error, whether it will be fixed in the next release will need to be discovered in the next release [:D]

The validate does not work in that screen as well from memory.