Data migration for localization fields

Hi all,

I know that when we run the data migration tool(upgrade toolkit 4.0 to 6.0), there will be some modifications on the table field values. But my question is, whether the upgrade toolkit will do any changes to localization field values or localization tables?



I think No…you need to use Particular localized upgrade tool only to change localized objects…

Upgrade toolkit will upgrade the lower version to Higher version with all features and changes done in higher version.

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@ Mohana,

Do you mean to say, the upgrade toolkit of NAV 2009 R2 W1 and upgarde toolkit of NAV 2009 R2 IN are different?



Upgrade toolkit remain common for all as it deals with upgrading the code. The data migration tookiits are localization specific what u r trying to distinguish between W1 & IN we can say upgradation toolkit or NDT will be the same but data migration toolkint will be different


No, The upgrade toolkit and NDT are different. We use upgrade toolkit for data migration and NDT for object migration.

Yes, they will be different…

Hi Mohana,

I have compared the upgrade toolkit objects of both 6.0 R2 W1 and 6.0 R2 IN by using text compare. But I dont find any difference. Does it mean that both the toolkits are same.

Are you talking about Data Conversion Tools objects while upgrading or something else?

Yes Mohana,

I am talking about data conversion tool only.

Then they will be different…may I know where did you get the objects (path)?..

Sure Mohana!

Dynamics.NAV60R2.IN.1097407.DVD\UpgradeToolKit\Data Conversion Tools\400

Make sure there are more objects under

Dynamics.NAV60R2.IN.1097407.DVD\UpgradeToolKit\Local Objects



Yes mohana,

I can find some more objects in this directory, Dynamics.NAV60R2.IN.1097407.DVD\UpgradeToolKit\Local Objects

Dynamics.NAV60R2.IN.1097407.DVD\UpgradeToolKit\Data Conversion Tools\400

Of these 2 directories, which one should i consider for data migration

First import

Dynamics.NAV60R2.IN.1097407.DVD\UpgradeToolKit\Data Conversion Tools\400

on the top import

Local Objects…

So I have to run the step 1 upgrade toolkit twice for both the global and local objects?

ahhh…no dude…

import all objects first and run once…