Data lost in Modul Cost Center

Hallo, big problem. We put the budgets 2002 for every cost element and cost center in the budget form. We put the yearly (plan) data and Navision 2.6 calculates the montly data. That’s O.K. Same days later, the data for december 2002 will lost. I make a copy from the table 5000082 and paste it in Access. There I see, that there are no records for Dec. 2002. The data record ID for this records are missing too! Whats wrong? How can we solve the problem? Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english. Torsten

From the table number you give (5.000.082) I can see that this is regarding a local German add-on product. Maybe you should direct this qustion to the developer of the add-on or to the German part of this forum. The product you’re mentioning is not available outside of Germany :slight_smile: Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S