Data load using Excel add in AX 2012.

In AX 2012, using Excel Add in, I would like to add thousands of released products with product variants(many combinations of size/color/configuration),Tracking and storage dimension values. I have tried with Add table method, but ends up with lot of tables and relations which leads to think that Add data method is only used for straight tables or miniumum relation tables; then i looked for Add data sources. Actually it is having lot of services and queries.

I would like to know how to import products (with all dminesions and variants) using Add Data Excel Add in. Do you feel is there any better method other than this.

please share your thoughts.

please did you solve your issue, I reached the same facts you stated.

did you know how to import products with variants …


Though some work arounds available we are not able to overcome the issues. As for my knowledge, Excel add in is not currently serve this requirement. So we are trying to achieve the same using webservices and X++.




can you give me any clue ?

thanks in advance