Data & lines visible on Morphx Report but missing from PDF

I have created a Morphx report in AX 2009. The report looks perfect on the screen, but when print to PDF option of AX is used, we face 2 issues:

  1. 4 fields go missing from the header. Later found out that the data is there but the color changes to white when printed to PDF. Debugged the class methods that generate PDF & the font color value it takes is the same as other fields.

  2. All the vertical lines are visible in the header & footer of the report, but the vertical lines in the body of the report goes missing. Again, the values of the color & width of the lines in the code is same as those lines which are visible.

Is there are solution to this problem or a probable cause?

Hello Experts, can you please provide any solution for this?
One workaraound I found is using the FoxIt PDF printer to print the reports. it works perfectly when manually saving the document. The issue occurs when I want to send the report in emails. Then I have to use the Save to File Option. I can also select FoxIt as the printer to print files to. The problem is sending the path to FoxIt where it should print the files. Any help would be appreciated.

Under Save file Option, Try the below …
Foxit Reader.exe" /t “FileName” "\IPPrinterName

Replace the “FileName” with the path that you want to set.
“Foxit Reader.exe” /t “FileName”


I am trying to print it through FoxIt reader by code. Can you provide with the full code for print job settings? Below is the code i use. How to pass Filename here?

printJobSettings = new PrintJobSettings();
printJobSettings.deviceName(‘FoxIt’); //Selects the correct printer

I also tried following when setting print medium as PDF. But it shows error that file was not found " /t ".

printJobSettings.fileName("Foxit Reader.exe /t " + FileName);