Data is not visible in AOT

Most of the form and table browser is not displaying data in SQL i can see the record if i log in as some one else i can see those record but for me data is not visible.

I am in same company

Data in SQL dataareid is correct

I am part of Admin group

and suggestion is appreciated.


I assume data has been imported as per MS guidelines. Also I assume that you have completed the checklists and compiled the system.

I don’t have AX in front. But run Periodic check under Basic > Periodic (if my memory serves me correct) with fix option. Before running this make sure database is backed up.

let me try this , but it happened to me some time back with other client and some one suggested that some patch needs to be reinstalled on the system .

But it was client location and very fast paced project they just created new id for me and that was working.

check data for consistency will take may be hour or so i will write back if that works

thanks for your quick reply

Nope it does not work.

Its not question of data import as it was visisble before I instaled the ru7 on dynamics ax 2009 SP 1.


As i installed the RU8 in (AX 2009 SP1) one of my client site, the report is showing data for one user and not for other user.

Both the users are having the same rights and user groups, no permission issue.

Please help me, if you have resolved this proble.