Data in the textboxes not Side By Side While Grouping

I have two textboxes in body for earning Code and the Other for deduction code.And I have grouped Using PayheadGroup Which are Earning And Deduction.

In EarningCode textboxes BASIC,HRA,DA etc Comes and in DeductionCode Textboxes LIC,PF comes as Codes and their respective amount.

But my Output is like this…

Earning ----Amount-------Deduction -----Amount
Basic ----------- 5000
HRA ---------- 1000
-------------------------------------LIC--------------- 400

Here Basic and PF are not in Same Line.That is no gap should come i.e. If there is earning Code then deduction field is empty and vice versa.The way i want is as under…

Earning---------Amount-------Deduction ------Amount
Basic----------------5000--------- PF----------------300

Here Dashes put have no Meaning.Used to give spaces Between data so that you can understand it.

The EarningCode Basic And HRA are in Payhead Group And DeductionCode PF , LIC are in Payhead Group .

i have done as

Is there any solution… ?

Please Suggest

You can move the labels and the text boxes themselves around in the form/report designer. The text boxes position when the form is resized is handled through the Horizontal and Vertical Glue property and works more less like standard GUI programming.

Do you need help with how to move the text boxes around? Or are you having problems with the glue? You can diagnose glue problems by maximizing and minimizing the form to see if your buttons get out of whack.