Data Import

Harish I need your help Please !!! I have a delevopmet database where transactions have been posted and what I am trying to do is to import new customers via the Business relation. I have deleted all the transactions but when I try to import the new data I get an error saying the data is already in the file and the import does not delete and create the new transactions. Is there a script I can run to delete all the transaction in the database ? or is there a better solution to over come this problem Regards Newman PS Is there a way I can communicate directly with you ?

Hi Newman, To delete transactions you have to run this class - “DatabaseTransDelete”. This will take care of deletion of transactions [:)] I am not sure what you mean by import via business relation. Apart from traditional Excel import you can also write small jobs in X++. For inspiration, you might want to refer to few codes in my website - And well - you are welcome to contact me directly. Either you can send PM directly to me through this website or using my contact email address in my website. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Harish Excuse my ignorance but how do I execute the class?? With regards to import of master data, I am trying to import the street with a carriage return and/or line feed to get the address to format correctly. Is there a special character I can use to do the line feed as part of the asci file I use to import for the line feed and/or carriage return ?? Regards Newman

Hi Newman, Apologies for not being clear. Class execution - Right click on the class and select open. You will receive a message asking you to confirm whether you want to delete the transactions in that particular company. If you select yes, all the transactions would be deleted. New line character - How you are doing the import? If you are doing it through X++, then the new line character is - ‘\n’. Hope this helps, Harish Mohanbabu