Data import through Config. Package Card

Hello I had to create around 200 new statistical accounts and did it through the Config. Package Card excel template import. All items were imported with zero errors.
But when I opened chart of accounts - I realized that imported just accounts ID (no description, no dimension, no definition of statistical accounts … I will highly appreciate any advice … cant imagine I will have manually type all accounts details
Thank you

Hi Janna.

If you’re using BC SaaS version, you could use Edit in Excel to update the rest if the configuration package didn’t work. It’s hard to know what the issue is without seeing it. If you want to connect to review it let me know and we can get something scheduled.

Actually I figured it out :slight_smile: it was a problem of field format. I Manually typed one account, exported it and updated format of every field of the uploading template. All works now


Glad you found the reason and solution. Also consider a FREE APP for BC called Statistical Accounts that will make statistical reporting easier and simpler.|AID.d365_bc_statistical_accounts|PAPPID.efe31100-f1e2-11ea-95b8-67ae54a288f7

Hope this helps.

It seems that the import of the statistical accounts through the Config. Package Card excel template did not include the desired details such as description, dimension, and definition. Manually typing all the account details for 200 accounts can be a time-consuming task.

One possible solution is to use the “Edit in Excel” feature in Business Central to update the imported accounts in bulk. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Go to the Chart of Accounts page in Business Central.
  2. Click on the “Edit in Excel” button located in the top ribbon. This will open the Chart of Accounts in Excel.
  3. In Excel, you will see the list of accounts with their account IDs. Add the necessary columns for description, dimension, and definition.
  4. Fill in the details for each account in the respective columns.
  5. Once you have updated all the necessary information, save the Excel file.
  6. Go back to the Chart of Accounts page in Business Central and click on the “Import from Excel” button. Select the updated Excel file.
  7. Business Central will import the updated account details from the Excel file, associating them with the respective account IDs.

By using the “Edit in Excel” feature, you can efficiently update the account details for multiple accounts in a spreadsheet format, saving you from the manual task of typing each detail individually.

Make sure to test this process with a small subset of accounts first to ensure the desired results before performing the import for all 200 accounts.