Data Import sample by XMLPort

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We are new user from SAP B1 to change to Navision 2013, does anybody has any XMLPort sample to help me to import our item master data (CSV file) into Navision test company ? so we can test run.

PS. our consultant work slowly, after Oct 15 design requirement meeting to now, we still waiting the final .but we have time issue.


There are much better ways to import master data into NAV than developing an XmlPort - especially in NAV2013.

You should consider using the RapidStart Services instead.

Just select the “BASICCONFIG” from the Configuration Packages (search for “Configuration Package” in the search box of your role center.

If you can’t find it, ask for an export of the package from a CRONUS and import it into your version.

Then you open it, go to the “Item” line and Select “Export to Excel” from the Actions menu.
You then fill in that Excel list and reimport it using the “Import from Excel” option.
You can do that with all tables.


Appreciate your help, but when I tried to open “BASICCONFIG”, program show me “The user does not have permission to perform this action”.

but I check our license, we have 30 tables + 100 pages + 100 XML Ports. and I setup myself have SUPER permission.

So can you help me ?

Thanks again


Sorry!! I misunderstand what you said. for now, I have a Excel file include basic data format. If I want import the Item Master data (include raw material and finish goods ) Do I need fill in 1. Inventory Posting Setup; 2. Item Charge 3. Item Category ?

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Following links will help you to understand the XMLport in Navision

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