data import problem

hi… i am trying to import some data like “document type”,“sell to customer”,“no.” from a text file through dataport into sales header table. but the problem is that only these three fields get updated. But, i want to update all the fields as it happens in sales order form. I have also tried the option, callfieldvalidate available in the dataport.

have you tried to call SalesHeader.VALIDATE(“Sell-to Customer No.”); in the OnAfterImportRecord trigger? should do the job.

The property CallFieldValidate works only if you overwrite the record, not for updates (AutoSave = Yes, AutoUpdate = No, AutoReplace = Yes) Bye, Marco

Sales Header - OnAfterImportRecord() SalesHeader.VALIDATE(“Sell-to Customer No.”); SalesHeader.MODIFY; There same should be done for all table fields with code in the VALIDATE trigger: “Bill-to Customer No.” “Ship-to Code” etc.

thanks very much !!!. it worked