data import and export problem

Dear All.

I have Ax3.0 and AX2009. Previously i have used AX 3.0. But now i have migrated in to ax2009.

Thing which i want tot know is, are there any method to import data from AX3 to Ax2009?

in Ax2009 some fields are different. As a example some fields of the CustTable are different in these to version. I have tried to export and import procedure, but because of the 2 different data definitions that gave an errors. Because of this now i’m entering all the data manually.

If some one know how to do this please tell me.

Thank You


First U take one Excel Templete.


Then in that Excel sheet fill your Data, what ever file u have to import.

according to the New excel sheet definition fill the date and import using


Try this .

I also tried it… the export worked…

I made a template for the Item Master Data, I exported it and it worked!

BUT, when I imported it to a new company, NO ITEMS found in the Item Details. What do you think is wrong about it? Do I have to import all the Master Data just to see it?


i also tried. didn’t work. maybe there’s some set up that needs to be done

Hi Akila,

I would not recommend pure exporting data from AX 3.0 and importing into AX 2009. This is because of fundamental difference between how data is held between DAX 3.0 and DAX 2009.

For more info on the differences and step-by-step instructions for migrating data between these environments, please refer to DAX 2009 Upgrade Guide (