Data for automated tests for appsource submission


I am developing an app and I would like to publish it in a future in Microsoft´s AppSource. This app is quite complex and involves a lot of new tables and tableextension (and other classes which are not important in this question). My doubt is regarding the automated tests and the data used in that verification.

I have developed an app which tests all the code in my app. But, for most code, I need a lot of different objects to exist. ¿Is it possible to create a personalized “configuration package” which has to be applied before executing the tests? ¿Is this option valid to pass Microsoft´s technical validation list?

In the Microsoft documentation regarding this point says the following sentence, but I am not sure about the meaning:

The CRONUS demo company will be used for the purpose of this walkthrough. If your app requires setup within the core product or any additional data, remember to include that in your tests.
In this moment, in every test I create the necessary objects, but it is increasing the quantity of Records that I need and this increases exponentially the time that I need to develop and run the tests. Having a configuration package with all the necessary objects would simplify time developing and also would decrease the pipeline time, which runs the tests.