Data Encryption while exporting the data.

Is there anybody can help me to encrypt the data while exporting from the navision. The exporting file is in csv format.



Encrypt how?

I am using one report to export the data in csv format. The exported data should be in encrypted format which can not be read by people. The data exporting is bank details which has to be decrypted while uploading to the Bank web.

As I know, the bank will provide you the details how to export the data…I did it in text file…not encrypted/decrypted…

How do you decrypt data at bank side?do they have that feature?

Hi Mohana,

Yes, it has been done in text file(csv). Since those informations are confidencial the management wanted to encrypt those information and make it non editable by the people while or after exporting from NAVISION.

We have created a fixed path in server which user doesn’t know to open it modify it manually…

We have to take it from there and upload to bank web. User doesn’t have the permission to select that server path.