Data Display Problem in Report

Hi All,

I have done changes in Purchase Order Report in which i have added one global field Description in which i want to display the amount into words, The field is calculating the value, but this value is not displaying in the report .

Can any idea how to display this field in NAV 2013 Report .


Can you tell us the steps what you have followed one by one…

First Define the global variable and then define the data set, than i have open the Visual studion layout and in layout i display this value in Textbox

where did you add in dataset and visula studio?

Did you check dataset result and the value is shown?

yes i have added in Visual Studio and data set result is showing the value.

Where did you add in Visual Studio?

and where did you add in Report design dataset?

IN database has a report Id. 16593 Excise Invoice, check this report.

This report does not exist in my NAV 2013 , because am using Cronus International Database, and i think this report is Indian localized version report.

Why cant you reply to my questions?

You can also check report 1401

1234.Image 3.png

4834.Image 2.png

Here are screen shot8535.Image 1.png

I guess you added in RoundLoop dataset and where did you add in visual studio design?

in which table/section…

i have try to display in allover in the report layout but it not showing any data.

You have to add in right section.

as of now it will print if you add the field in Body lines…

Did you dataset results?

are the values showing?

Did you check report 1401?

Can you show us rdlc layout screenshot…