Data bound card form which allow users to cancel changes - Possible?

Hi all,

We have a software vendor to implement Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 for our company. We do have many customization. At UAT steps, I realize that most of the forms do not have a cancel button, this means users will not have an option to cancel changes they have made to data on form.

I asked vendor and was advised that data will be saved right after the cursor leaves every single data field.

To me, this is a serious BUG in any system because users may just want to view data (e.g. customer data) but any unintentional changes by mistake will be saved.

I mentioned that to vendor and they told me that this is the nature of Dynamics NAV??? and can not be change, and we had to accept that???

Being in IT industry for 12 years, I believe the vendor’s statement is WRONG. imagine when you open a Word document, every time you make a change in that document, it will be saved without asking if you want to keep the change or not, would you buy that product? No definitely.

The problem is that vendor insists in their statement and I need to prove them wrong by indicating that Dynamics NAV form can allow user to decide to save or not to save upon closing any data form. Please help.

No one? or my question isnt that clear? help please.

Hi Ha,

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Your vendor is right, this is the inherent nature of NAV. Although, you can code your way around it if you decide that the work is worth the investment. You have lots of options.

If you want to allow users to browse the customer record, for example, without saving any inadvertent changes, you can create a second page object and make it read-only. If you can’t bother your users to make a distinction at the time they open the page, then you can re-develop the page so that it’s based on a temporary copy of the customer record, and then decide at the point of closing the page or moving to another record whether to write any changes the user may have made. This is easy to say, but much more complicated (read Expensive) to accomplish.

And keep in mind that neither of these options is systemic. You would need to apply these methods to every place in the database that you wanted to see this functionality - vendor, item, employee, etc. would all have to be customized.

So, I think, when your vendor is saying that it’s not possibly, they’re probably just jumping to the point in the conversation where they’ve explained all of these options to you and you’ve concluded that it isn’t economically or practically feasible.

Hope that helps.

Thank you very much Erik. got an anser now.

Thank you very much George for your explanation. If I had the power, I would press undo button and change to another ERP product. I guess AX isnt that bad?