Data Base LOG.

Dear All,

I am new to this group. But i found it really usefull all together.

I am using Navision 5 with Navision Database. Is there any way that i can find the Transactions LOG on the system. Like user id, table name / id, transaction time, type etc.

Like transaction log information.


Kamran Haider.

Navision has some functionality called “Change Log” which automatically logs all changes to selected tables in the system.

I has to be setup up manually and you should only set it up on the tables where you really need it, as it otherwise will “cost” you a lot of performance. Typically my own customers have been using it on Customers, Sales Headers, Sales Lines, Items etc.

Erik can you please tell me from where i can specify the tables to be logged.

In Administration → Application Setup → General → Change Log Setup.

Erik i have enabled the Logging in customer table on some fileds. Now where can i see these log details to verify the log is maintained for this table.

In the same menu (Administration → Application Setup → General) just number 5 on the list “Change Log”.

The Change Log only logs data changes made directly by a user. It does not log changes that are the result on code execution.

Hi Babrown,

That’s true, but it can easily be build into the code. And normally then for most code jobs you have a result like an entry post, which have a UserID as a tracking id.

Agreed. I was only pointing out that it was not part of the base functionality. One place I see people get surprised by this is that they include the Status field in the change log then are suprised that the document releases and reopens are not logged. As you point out this is a fairly simple modification.