Data available in table but not showing up in the form


I imported released products using “Items” entity of data import /export framework.

The data is inserted in the table and the released products are displayed in the Released products list page but when i double click and open a released product all the fields are empty in the details page.

How to resolve it?

Please guide.

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It means that you don’t have related data in one or more joined data sources. It’s typically caused by data missing from InventTableModule table (you need all three modules for each item).

Hi Martin,

I checked in the InventTableModule table but there three records are there for that item each for inventory,purchase order,sales order.

But still data is not showing up in the form.

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This was just a typical example. Review all data sources in the form joined to InventTable by inner, exists or notexists joins.

I checked in the below tables which has relation with InventTable in the form.

  • InventTableModule(Purch)
  • InventTableModule(Invent)
  • InventTableModule(Sales)
  • InventItemLocation
  • EcoResProduct

Data is available in all the above tables but still facing this issue.

Sorry, I can’t debug it for you since I don’t have access to your data. But the task is simple in principle - you’re running a query and want to find which condition prevents the data from appearing. You have many ways how to approach your debugging, e.g. analyzing the query in SSMS, copying the form and gradually removing data sources and code, rewriting the query and trying to disable individual parts, and so on.

It might be even caused by some customization or so - it’s impossible to just guess what’s wrong in your system.