Data and objects from one company to another

I’d like to set up a test company with all the most recent data and objects I have in my live system.

How do I do this? I’ve got the company set up… just need to back up the live system and import all that info into the test company. Please.

Sorry if this is pathetically easy. It’s a bit daunting, not knowing, so I thought I’d check with the pro’s [:)]

In the same database or different database?

Sorry, same DB.

Don’t suppose you could tell me the process for both though? For future reference? [Y]

I personally suggest to have seperate live database and test databases…

You can simply create backup from navision/SQL

Create new Database

Restore above created backup and rename the company to Test


This might seem a bit rude but you are adressing a very basic issue here and you have not fully understood how Dynamics NAV database structure is - So before telling you how to solve your issue I am going to explain the basics.

The database is (if we simplify it a bit) consists of two things Objects (table, forms, pages, reports, codeunits, dataports etc) and your data.

If you have more than one Company-name in your databas then every company are running on the same objects.

Every Company-name in your database has it own data (a few tables are global in the database). You can Identify those by choosing, File, Database, Information, Tables (It is those without a companyname).

So now you got the basics then we can move on to the Company copying part :slight_smile:

If your database is not to big you should make sure that you are the only one on the system. Do a backup of the Company alone to your dekstop (Tools, Backup, Custom, Select Companyname) .

Then Rename your Companyname to something new with the word TEST into it.File, Company, Rename.

Finally restore your backup by choosing Tools, Restore, Select Desktop and filename.

If you are running on a NATIVE database you problably have to Expand your database BEFORE you restore your backup. This is done by File, Database, Expand, Add (kb) - In order to figure out the size to expand. Check the backup-file and multiply that with 3. So if the backup is 500 mb then expand the database with 1500 mb.