Dampener % in Mfg Setup - Dynamics NAV 5.01

I have hunted out the Manufacturing manuals, well a number of manuals actually for a reference as to the correct format for the value to be entered. e.g. If I want a dampener of 20% … I enter 20 not 0.2 That’s all, simple but nowhere is this clearly stated. Can someone point me to a reference regarding filling in this field, anywhere? Thanks and Happy New Year for 2010 from gorgeous sunny NZ.

Dampener works for following ex if my Sales Order due date is 05/01/09 and dampener says 1d, then if u change due date to 06/01/09 system will not suggest any change related action message.

Same works for the qty as well. It is basically grace period or qty which u would like to keep as buffer to avoid action messages.

Search for Dampner in the forum, alternatively there is a good explanation here:


Thanks Kapil, I do understand the mechanics of the Dampeners I was just wanting to clarify the actual format of the ‘decimal’ to enter in the field "Dampener(% of Lot Size)’, as has confused our Customers. Would be good if the manuals had an example filled in. Cheers

I have seen it always without any digit after decimal i.e. either 10 or 20 not anything after decimal. Though I not aware what manual would have given as an example.