D365E planning

We are just in the project stage of the process and I need to answer our senior staff on how our legacy data will get pulled into the planning cycle.

The integrator tells me the tables will be in an archive record which I can mine but I don’t see how it will load into the planning module.

Anyone have this experience that can enlighten me? I need a better answer than “trust me”. :slight_smile:

BTW, I am in the aerospace industry if that makes a difference.


Typically transaction data is sent to a data warehouse. It would be impossible to populate all the tables required and keep integration with ledger. I need to know more about your issues with planning. Planning itself does not care about historical transactions. Forecasting is a projection of future sales. If you are looking to populate a demand planning engine, you can typically populate from the warehouse.

For consistency with things like BI analyzing sales data. We typically recommend populating the warehouse with new data also. This represent a consistent target for the BI cubes.

Get the implementor to document in summary the “trust me” part to ensure it aligns with the requirements you have explained to them. I agree with Don, these feed into the forecast projection but there is also the concept of stock holding/safety stock/minimum stock and you might be referencing this. Historical usage from the D365O safety stock journal is on teh transactions in the database, not an archive record, so you will have lag here if you use that functionality.

Our old system takes a 6 months rolling average and we added a seasonality curve to it to drive forecasted purchasing requirements. Without bringing all the data over and just parking it in a data warehouse, I am not sure how we will do it. We let the system plan the 12,000 Plus parts. I think from your answer I will have to train the users to set up the flags at the part master record to turn on the stocking level and planning parameters. the use the 80/20 rule and forecast the top movers to make it manageable. Thanks Don & Adam.