D365 FO Warehouse management mobile app - purchase order receive -> registered?

Dear all,

While receiving a purchase order in CONTOSO environment…

I have created a purchase order for 10 pcs of item A0001 for warehouse 24. Now, from mobile app I will go to Purchase receive, put PO number, Item, Quantity 2, finish the work and do the putaway.

Work is completed and when looking at On hand quantities I have got physical inventory at the right location. But looking at the Line Quantities at the PO, it still says 10 in order, 2 registered.

How to get them received instead of registered?

You cannot as standard through the mobile app (happy to be wrong when they eventually add the functionality). You need to process a separate receipt from the client (based upon the registered quantities).

Thanks. Would love to know the logic regarding roles this has been thought of. Maybe a warehouse manager, who does daily job receiving all the registered quantities…? Or maybe the purchaser who created the order…

I think it’s better to be a daily/hourly batch job, shouldn’t be much of a problem I guess.