D365 FinOps: Missing "Import bank statements" tile and "Import statement" menu from Bank Management workspace/page.

Hi all,

I am missing “Import bank statements” tile from the Bank Management workspace and the “Import statement” menu from the Bank Management page. They just went missing today (2020-09-21). I have System Administrator role, I should be able to see everything, so the issue should not be due to the security role. Anyone having the same issue? Any thoughts? Thank you.


Did they accidentally get hidden via personalization? Welcome to the forum, by the way.

Thanks Jake. Our consultant said that the issue was “due to changes that Microsoft have introduced in the way ISV solutions licenses are packaged and deployed”. It looks like the “import bank statement” feature is a custom feature developed by our consultant (a Microsoft ISV partner) and it is now hidden/disabled until the consultant can modify the license package on not only our production environment but also our config and test environments. Apparently this is not a quick job.