Cycle Counting in Navision

Has anyone modified Navision for Cycle Counting? What I’m looking for is to let Navision determine which Items to Cycle Count based on the ABC rules.

if you are interested in counting periods for physical counting of the inventory, 3.70 can do that for you. you can define counting periods and assign them to the items. then the items are suggested for counting in the phys. inventory journal according to their counting period and the last date of counting. I do not know at the moment in which warehouse granule this is included.

Hi Steven In 3.60 the item card has a physical inventory counting period (I think Beaver is referring to this above). This gives you the ability to create cycle counting rules of a sort - where you flag the item with a classification, and the classification holds the number of times the item should be counted each year - However in a true classification system you would be anle to run an update (sometimes user defined rules, sometimes not) whereby the item is reclassified based upon parameters and then falls into the correct counting period. In Navision this is a little more manual, but it maybe a good starting point for you.