Cycle count

What is the exact procedure for cycle count in a warehouse enabled environment in navision?

Do we need to run a separate procedure to update the warehouse inventory in the physical inventory journal?

Hi Nitesh,

  1. Define the counting periods in “Phys. Invt. Counting Periods” (Form 7381)
  2. In the Item card, Tab “Warehouse”, define the “Phys. inv. counting period”
  3. In the “Physical Inventory Journal”, click on “Function” → “Calculate counting Period”
  4. This will populate the Phys Inv. Journal with what should be in your next cycle count. Print the report, do the Cycle count. Go back to the “Phys. Inv. Journal”
  5. Put in the right Qty for the line (If you right click on the line header + select Hide/show fields, you can show the “Reason Code field”
  6. Post!

Let me know if anything is missing.


Thank you very much Jacques.

I have a questions here…

On function-> ‘Calculate Counting Period’, how does the system calculates the next count? Does it record(flags) the first count internally for the item?

Hi Nitesh,

Check in the item card, tab Warehouse, you will find the next calc date + Inventory vs Work Date.

If you have acess to Partnersource or Customersource, there is a White Paper on NAV Warehousing. You will find usefull info on the Cycle count.

On Partnersource/Customersource, look in “Deployment” → White Papers
Filter on Dynamics NAV, you will see “Warehouse Management Systems White Paper for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0”.

Not much difference between NAV 5.0 vs Nav 5.0 SP1 → Mainly the Addition of FEFO
No diff. in WMS between NAV 5.0 SP1 and 2009

You still have the famous “F1” choice :slight_smile: Look for Cycle count in the help file. Lots of info there too.