What is the name of the OCX for CuteFTP? Also what is the difference netween an OCX and an Automation Server in Navision?

‘CuteFTPPro 1.0 Type Library’.TEConnection is the one to use. Here’s an example of how to use it: CREATE(CuteFTPAut); CuteFTPAut.Host := MyHost; CuteFTPAut.Login := MyLogin; CuteFTPAut.Password := MyPassword; CuteFTPAut.Connect; CuteFTPAut.LocalFolder := MyLocalFolder; CuteFTPAut.RemoteFolder := MyRemoteFolder; CuteFTPAut.UploadAsync := MyFile; CuteFTPAut.Disconnect; CLEAR(CuteFTPAut);

An OCX (now known as ActiveX control) is 1 file that exposes functionality but, usually a little more limited in scope. An automation server such as Word or Excel exposes many Methods, Properties, and such. Using an automation server it is possible to run the program “transparently”. For example, open and print a word document without the user seeing Word open.

I must correct myself. You should use Upload, not UploadAsync