CustvendPaymProposal SSRS Report does not answer


AccountsPayable / Journals / Payments / Payment Ledger Form

Lines / Ledger voucher / action Panel => Print / Payment

(CustVendPaymProposal Output/CustVendPaymProposal - > Class/CustVendPaymProposalController

CustVendPaymProposal report does not give results.

  • CIL does not contain error.

  • Working with other reports.

  • Server Restart

  • Reporting Service Restart

  • http://REPORTSRV:80/Reports / report delete and AOT / CustVendPaymProposal / Deploy

I did them all but CustVendPaymProposal report are no results.

Dynamics AX 2012 R2 CU7

What can I do?


Can you please describe the observed behavior in better detail?

Hi Martin,

This screenshot in report. No error, no “Run Time Error”.

There are no results. I waited 5 hours.

Orjinal Report, no edit.

Thank You.

I suggest you use Trace Parser or debugger to see where all the time is spent.

Also look at this discussion thread: Payment proposal report “halts”.

Hi Martin,

I read the article, but the solution could not be found.

Then follow the advice I gave you.


The problem continues.

Check the temp Table “CustVendPaymProposalTmp” in SqlManagementStudio. There is records in Table.

I check the class wiht debug, I can view records too. (Class => CustVendPaymProposalController(method=>insertCustVendPaymProposalTmp))

Is (KB2885603) can affect my problem ? (Image1)


Hi tülay,

Where you able to find a solution for this problem ? I’m facing same issue.

Hi michal

I can not find solution. The problem continues.

Do you get an error?

Hi tulay,

In our case just simple restart of sql reporting services service helped.
I have done it after deleting all records from tmp table and checking locks on this table in sql server.
I sugest to try run this report in batch and you should get 503 error from reporting services immediately.
I think that general problem of this reprot is that they use sessionid as a key for tmp table.
So if sth goes wrong and user in one session will try to delete from this table locked rows - all will wait for database restart. key for this table should be made from session id + some execution id variable(or guid) - so you could get some uniqness. If all solutions fail I would suggest to correct the key to fix this for good.

Good luck!

thank you it worked like a charm