I have an example clicked method that uses the above function from the custtable form. I tried to call the function from a different form without success.

I cannot find custtable_ds in the AOT Could someone explain to me where this comes from and what the scope is.


Form data sources are referred with _<_ds> where ‘_ds’ is a identifier.

For example the line ‘purchtable_ds.executeQuery()’ will execute the ‘executeQuery’ method on the PurchTable data source which is the form data source.

So should there be a method on the table custtable called getFirst or on the form custtable or is it in a class? I guess the custtable_ds.getFirst() is only available from the form.


No - it doesn’t exist in table or form.

Yes. FormDataSource class contains the methods that can be used on form data sources.

The complete list of all these methods can be viewed from Developers guide.

So when one of these methods is called from a form, basically the method on FormDataSource class is overrided.

I can get what I want by using while select * rather than using the getfirst/getnext functions. I just hoped to use the same method as that on the form. Thanks for your help.