Customs Warehouse

Hello Experts,

I will open an Customs Warehouse.

This warehouse will work in this way:

In this warhouse stay the goods temporary for a specific time. In this stage the goods are without tax fee.

When the goods are transfered to other warehouse are applied the tax fee. The items that are in this warhouse i want to exclued from the item avarage cost calculation. I want to use avarege cost by items not by locations.

Haw can i exclude only all the items that are in this location form avarage cost calculation.

Thank you.

Why on earth would you not use the average cost by location? You have a location that you want the stock not to affect the average cost of another location - therefore this is average cost by location surely? If you do not want average cost by location and you want to exclude the transactions of the average cost calcualtion by a set location you will need to modify the system to achieve this.