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Hi Experts,

Am new in navision and i confused what to do.

Am using nav 2009. here is my problem

I have created a new form where i import data from excel into a table that i created. The idea is , i now what to post this data to the ledger and customers account.

Which codeunits are resposible to do this.

Thanks in Advance

Hi Jonathan,

Welcome to Dynamics User Group…

What kind data is this ? Is this Sale, Purchase,Inventory,Production data ?

As every process posting is different and user different posting routine/code unit in Na vision.

hi. this is sales data that should go as a batch to ccustomers individual account and general ledger. thank you for replaying

How you are posting data .Are you going to post entries the Sales Journal ???

thanks. yes I want to post to sales journal. but I dont know which codeunit is the right one.

Have you check how sales journal is working in Navision ?? Check on post button which codeunit is fired …


this is the only codeunit u see. is it the only one in the sales ledger. i dont think so but i dont know where else to look except pressing F9 on the keyboard