Customizing installer package

I’m new to Navision, and I’m excited that there are so many forums like this on the Internet to help with problems and post tips and tricks. It’s a great learning tool! Anyway, anyone have any experience with customizing the installer package with NF 2.6D? Basically, I have the 2.6c setup program, then I have to run a batch file to copy the updated files for 2.6d (since I use SQL), and then I copy over a special icon that is already formatted with database name, etc. Then I still need to go in and open up the database. It would be really nice if this could be a more or less automated procedure, that would maybe include a base zup file? This would greatly ease installation. Any tips or tricks to ease the installation burden would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

If you have got in house Visual Basic skills you could ask your developer to write a package which will Install Navision as you wish. (Copy the files from an already working 2.60 client) For your information, it’s really a day job (max!) Edited by - Tarek Demiati on 2001 Jul 21 10:46:19