customizing a report

Hi ,

I will enter same item no. in 2 sales order lines and i will post what i needed is i want one column to be added for the same item in the report.

My requirement is i have an item with different weights so i will select on different lines but in report i want the weights column to be added for a particular item.

That means item no. should not be repeated in the report but the weight of two items should be added .

Hi micheal,

firstly do you know yasho mitra and john?

In this post here:

you can see that the three of you are working on the exact same issue. Since I hav never seen a request excatly the same as this before, and the three of you have identical needs three days apart, its very likely that without knowing it you are all working on the same project. Thus it might be good for the three of you to get together and resolve this as a team.

In general though, you need to rethink your methodology in developing solutions or Navision. Or to state more acurately, you need to get a methodology for developing Navision solutions. If you just come across a problem and hack a solution without thinking of the concequences, then you will just lead to more and more problems and more and more hacks. We call this digging ones self in a hole. And the best thing to do when you are ina hole, is to stop digging. What you need is a system that will analyse the customers requirements and provide a complete solution, incuding reporting.

Oh and also I want to point out that the three of you are extremely rude in that you have not answered any questions asked by people wanting to help you.