Customize to post maitain charges on product receipt like post maitain charges on invoice PO AX 2012.

Dear all,

Do you know how maintain charges are posted on invoice of Purchase Order Ax 2012?

After we setup maintain charges at: Account Appayable >> Purchase orders >> All purchase orders, enter new lines,

From line views, click Financial >> Maintain charges, enter new record with the charge code has debit on item, crebit on expense transportation account.

After post invoice the PO, here is the way which the maintain charges have been posted:

Dr Purchase Stock Receipt

Cr Expense Transpotation

The requirement is: we need to customize to post maintain charges to product receipt like the way maintain charges are posted on invoice.

But I don’t understand where are the codes which the maintain charges are posted even I debug a lot.

Do you know how the maintain charges have been posted on invoice PO?

Appreciate for your help.