Customize Purchase Order form in AX 7

Hi all,

I am developing Purchase Order form in AX 7, but not same in AX 2012 list page and detail page belong 2 diferent form, in ax 7 both belong of 1 form purchTable, how to distince when load 2 form? Please support me.

Thanks in advances.

Could you please elaborate what you mean by “distince when load 2 form”?
Do you want to detect in code whether the form is in the grid view or the detail view?

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I want to detect in code where the form is in list page or detail view.

For example, i only want to customize when detail view initial, how to catch when detail view initial?

Please help me.

Thanks in advances.

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what you mean by “detail view initial”. Can you provide more information when asking, please?
Do you mean that you want some changes applied only when the form is open directly to the detail view, instead of switched to the detail view from the grid view? If so, providing different user experience in these cases doesn’t sound wise to me.

I open form from grid but how to catch when open grid or how to open detail form(2 form in the same source code)(using parameter, enum etc to distince???), my english is not good, i’m sorry with inconvinience.

I still don’t know whether you want to detect in which view the form is (regardless how it got there), or if the form was open directly to a particular view. Please try to explain which case you want.
It may be easier for you if you describe your requirement using a concrete example.

Thanks for your reply.
For excample:
I received this desctiption from design team:
Process inital Detail view Purchase Order:
If purchase type is Purch then standard field of purchase line is dislayed , but purchase type is ReturnItem then customize field of purchase line is dislayed and not visible standadard field of purchase line on grid view
What is condition to process on Detail form?
Please help me.
Thanks for advance.

Do you really need to know in which view your are? I would say you don’t; it seems that you simply want to hide either the standard field or the custom field (depending on purchase type) and the type of view is irrelevant.