customize existing journal voucher Number Sequence

Hi there,

First of all , the following screen show the new number sequence created in the Organization administration>Common>Number sequence

Then on the Accounts payable>Invoice >invoice journal : i create the new journal then i clicked on the line button i have voucher number sequence created automatically as : USMF-2015-000000002


So i 'm looking how can i update this number sequence to be automatically use the current year. so i want shwo USMF-2016-000000002

Can any body guide me where to find the edt in loadModule()? In which class can I add my specific code?

I’ve tried to explain these things in my blog post Year in number sequence.

I saw it , but i don’t know if i should create a new numer seq.Here i looking in which class how can i customize this existing number seq to adding the code that existe in your post

You have to provide your number sequence scope when you’re asking for a reference to your number sequence. For example, if you currently use NumberSeq::newGetNumFromCode(“MySeq”), you have to change it to NumberSeq::newGetNumFromCode(“MySeq”, scope).

YEs i make o job and your code works fine , but i look where i can put this code in the class LedgerJournalEngine, i have some methods like newvoucher ,initValue but idon’t found the right place not yet

Aha, so it means that the very first sentence is incorrect, it’s not a new number sequence and you’re looking for references to a standard number sequence. But if it already supports Company and Fiscal calendar period, (according to your first picture), why do you need to change any code?