Customization of New Form in AX 2012


I created two form ChargeBackListPage(like SalesTableListPage) and ChargeBack(like SalesTable).In standard when we click on particular SalesOrder from SalesTableListPage form…related line will get displayed on SalesTable.means connectivity of SalesTable and SalesTableListPage.

same thing i want to do in case of ChargeBackListPage and ChargeBack.

How to do it.??

please help me.

Thanks Anita


In the list page , go to design and within design go to grid and provide the data source as master table you will get the details in the list page what ever you stored in the master table


Hi RG,

Thanks for your reply.

Actually my ListPage is displaying data…but problem is when we double click on record from that list page…data related to that record like no of lines should be displayed on another form.

like when we click on Sales order from salesOrderListPage form…related line will be displayed on SalesTable form.

Thanks Anita

you need to create another sales order form and the whithin the list page assigned the properties according to that

You need to set grid’s DefaultAction - it needs to point to a button (possibly hidden) which opens the other form. Also note that the grid mustn’t be editable.

Thanks Martin,

My Problem solved.I create new button and assign menuItem to it.and for that MenuItem buttom assign another form.

and then set grid property Default Action to that button.

and it’s working.



Thanks RG,

my problem is solved,

i have created another form and through default action property of Grid attach this form to ListPage form.