Customizable problem

Hi, Our customer wants customize many things. One of them is customize which fields on form has to be filled. So I prepared table+form to select fields which had to be filled and which permissions (UserIDs) are set to these fields. So I would like to ask, if there is any way to construct something like this: txtTemp //In this variable is stored FieldName of table,f.e. txtTemp = ‘“No.”’; IF Rec.(txtTemp) = ‘’ THEN ERROR(…); or if is it possible any other way. Thanks for advice I think it’s possible make through C/FRONT.

In Attain 3.60 you can use the new variable-type RecordRef to refer to a field using the fieldnumber. The fieldnumber you can get over the fields-table by using the fieldname.

I didnt get exactly the requirement and why is it needed

Hi Tirex! Look at the Change Log Function in 3.60. Suggestion: Create a TESTFIELD-Table like the Change-Log Table. And let select the user, which fields should checked for a value… Object-List: Typ ID Name 1 402 Change Log Setup 1 403 Change Log Setup (Table) 1 404 Change Log Setup (Field) 1 405 Change Log Entry 1 5967 Contract Change Log 2 592 Change Log Setup 2 593 Change Log Setup (Table) List 2 594 Change Log Setup (Field) List 2 595 Change Log Entries 2 6063 Contract Change Log 3 508 Change Log Setup List 3 509 Change Log Entries 3 510 Change Log - Delete 5 423 Change Log Management Brgds Roland