Customising the 'Notes' factbox to show time.


When you add a note to an item card or customer card etc, it shows the name of the person who created it and the date it was created. Table 2000000068 (Record Link) is where this note gets stored. In there, the field “Created” holds the date and time the note was created. However, the “Notes” factbox on the RTC only shows the date. I simply want to change the format of this to show the full date and time but I can’t find the name or ID of the relevant page or even any associated codeunit.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks in advancd,


dear holy father :slight_smile: ,

this is not possible. the notes factbox is a system object and is not changeable.

you can develope your own notes factbox.


Bless you my child, for your swift response.

I will look into creating my own notes factbox. Do you happen to know if the RTC will display a BLOB or if it will need decoding first?

Many thanks



it’s needed to decode the blob content using createinstream and readtext function.


thnx for the blessing and may you protect us simple people for a long time.