Customer workflow for edits

Hi All,

I have created customer workflow which is working fine for new customer creation.

when ever i edit any customer details workflow bar should allow me to submit.

How to change workflow actions bar to submit bar while customer details are edited.

Please any one can help me very urgent



any one have an idea for above issue please suggest me.


What does the canSubmitToWorkflow() method has in your case? If you are checking the status here, then update the status when ever the customer record is updated.

hi kranthi,
In my case canSubmitWorkflow() code:-

public boolean canSubmitToWorkflow(str _workflowType = ‘’)
custTable custTable;
if (!this.CustomerWorkflowStatus == CustomerWorkflowStatus::NotSubmitted)
return false;
return true;
//return true;

Please guide me how to do my scenario.
Thanks for reply

Try by setting the CustomerWorkflowStatus to NotSubmitted in update method.


i have write the below code in CusTable of Update() method

this.CustomerWorkflowStatus = CustomerWorkflowStatus::NotSubmitted

it’s very Urgent guide me kranthi.

Yes, write it in updated method, before super().
this.CustomerWorkflowStatus = CustomerWorkflowStatus::NotSubmitted

Hi kranthi,

When i edit the existing customer details i am facing below

Error:- Cannot create a record in Tax Information of Customer (TaxInformationCustTable_IN). Nature of assessee: Company. The record already exists.


That is a different error , doesn’t looks related to original post.
Try to debug and see why it is trying to creating a record in TaxInformationCustTable_IN, if you already have an existing record.

Ok kranthi,

Thanks for giving reply.

yes this was not related to workflow issue.

but while trying to edit master details i am facing that error.
the record was not there in taxinformationcusttable_in.
I already debug the code but i could not find any related information.
is this error related to any setup? or functional?

This looks like a data issue. You might be having a record in TaxInformationCustTable_IN without a value in custTable field. If so delete that record and try updating the customer.