Customer type

hey everyone ,

I’m trying to build a customer hierarchy in my customer dimension

I need to know where I can find the customer type tables and by customer type I mean is he a wholesaler, details… and also the categorisation : big compagny client, small company…kind of informations like this

thanks in advance

There are no such tables in NAV called customer type etc. but you can create a new table and link it to customer master. All kind of hierarchy can be defined in this new table.

another way is to use standard dimension feature.

Create dimensions code of customer type , categories etc and link that dimensions to the respective customer. You can also create different hierarchy in dimensions.


Faisal Bukhari

If you already have tables like this, but don’t know what they are, enter the value on the customer card using the lookup arrow. When the lookup form open you can either zoom on the record or look at the SourceTable property.