Customer table ... Balance (LCY) not having posting date filter

the balance (LCY) field in customer table doesnot have posting date filter …what could be the reason…and what can be the work aound to have filtered result.

basically, i was looking to have period was balance amount ( and not the amount due).

Balance and Balance at Date (as in Chart of Accounts) are both calculated fields (in NAV terminology FlowFields) which differ only by FlowField formula.

If you need Balance at Date in Customer table, too, ask your Partner, it takes 5 minutes for a programmer.

simple - each additional calculated field is a potential performance killer - if put in Card, it’s not so bad, but clients ask to put them in Lists, classic request is Remaining amout in Items list - if you have 100K items, you will wait for ages until the List form opens, and scrollthrough will be terribly slow.